Benefits Of Krill Oil

Krill Oil is an extract that is prepared from certain species of Antarctic Krill fish, especially Euphausia superba. It has two very critical ingredients, namely: Phospholipid-derived fatty acids (especially phosphatidylcholine) and Omega III fatty acids. These critical ingredients have been proved to have a number of potential health benefits to mankind such as the support of the health of the human mind, facilitating heart functions, strengthening bones and indeed, more besides. They are elaborated on in great details hereunder:

Promotion of Cardio-vascular Health

Krill Oils do contain lots of fatty acids which are critical in the promotion of healthy blood circulation and the attainment of the desired cardio-vascular health. Owing to the fact that Krill Oils do contain plenty of Polyunsaturated Eicosapentaenoic acid and Docosahexaenoic acids, they also help in stabilizing cholesterol levels besides aiding the heart muscles in performing their work.

benefits of krill oilAttainment of Joint Health

In order to achieve optimal health, a healthy balance between Omega III and Omega VI ought to be struck. The intake of plenty of Krill Oils does help in achieving this stability and subsequently in attaining a healthy state.

Achievement of Proper Brain Health

Krill Oils do contain plenty of Omega III fats and phospholipids which are critical in the normal cognitive functioning. Krill Oils further help the brains to function optimally by attention building, supporting memory and mood stabilization.

In Women’s Health

During menses, women do experience a shift in their progesterone and estrogen balance which results into bloating, compromised stress response, breast tenderness and moodiness. Intake of Krill Oil can help stabilize the menstrual cycle by supporting healthy hormone production thanks to the vital nutrients of phospholipids which they contain.

Lowers Triglycerides

Triglycerides are fat varieties that are found in the blood stream and the excessive amounts of which can predispose persons to heart diseases. Intake of Krill Oils helps to keep the levels of Triglycerides in check and subsequently eliminate the threats of heart attacks.

Influence Gene Expression

Omega III fats that are contained in Krill Oils do influence the cell membranes which in turn have the ability to regulate the functioning of genes by way of responding to hormones and other cellular agents.

Alleviation of Type II Diabetes

Type II Diabetes is usually caused by the insensitivity to insulin by the liver which is usually occasioned by the build-up of fats in the liver. Krill Oil has been ascertained to reduce fat levels in the liver by up to 60% and in the heart by 42% and which in so doing, does alleviate the threat of Type II Diabetes.

Anti-inflammatory Agent

Krill Oil does produce special compounds called protectins and resolvins which have the impact of diminishing inflammations before they can exert substantial damage to the bodily tissues. This helps in combating arthritis and other inflammation-related disorders.

Slows Aging

The process of aging is usually accelerated by Telomeres which are usually located at either tips of each arm of the chromosomes. In each person’s lifetime, the telomeres do shorten with each subsequent division of the cell. Intakes of Krill Oils decelerate the shortening of the telomeres which subsequently slows down aging.