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Antarctic Krill Oil: A Super Alternative to Fish Oil

Antarctic Krill OilFor the longest time fish oil has been praised as one of the best diet supplement ever to be discovered. Well, this is absolutely true but what if you were told there was better alternative, would you believe it? Yes, it is not a matter of speculation; Krill Oil has been tested and proven to be superior to Fish oil.

Brief Description

Krill Oil is derived from an abundant crustacean found in the ocean. The Antarctic krill is, scientifically known as Euphausia superba, are a class of the crustacean that is immune to the cold and flourishes in abundance in the Antarctic Ocean. These are the most preferred source of krill oil for two reasons. One, their overwhelming population and two, the fact that the Antarctic Ocean is not polluted. Krill harvesting is also highly regulated thus maintaining their population at an acceptable level and minimizing any ecological imbalance in the ocean.

Features and Ingredients Of Antarctic Krill Oil

Natural Antarctic krill oil is rich in Omega-3. This is the same fatty acid found in fish oil. However, due to the simplistic biological structure of the krill, as opposed to that of fish, the Omega-3 in krill oil is more effective a dietary supplement. Part of this is due to the fact that krill oil has a phospholid structure identical to that of human cells. This means it is faster and readily absorbed into the body.

Antarctic Krill OilKrill oil also contains a powerful antioxidant known as astaxanthin. Astaxathin is more powerful than the commonly known antioxidant including Vitamin E, lutein or beta-carotene. In fact a comparison shows that it is more than 500 times effective than vitamin E. This is essentially important as it is able to circulate throughout the body freeing it of free radicals.

How does it work?

As aforementioned Antarctic krill oil phospholid structure makes it for the body to absorb. This essentially means you need less of it to obtain the same effect as from fish oil. Furthermore, it gets absorbed faster and thus works faster than fish oil. In addition, it does not linger in the stomach thus eliminates the awful burps often associated with fish oil.

Health Benefits

Antarctic krill oil is the optimal dietary supplement proven to be effective against a host of ailments and medical conditions. It is effective in promoting cardiovascular health, improving weight management, reducing cholesterol levels, aiding in concentration, alleviating joint pains as in arthritis, and also promoting radiant skin. In general krill oil touches almost all aspects of the body and promotes a healthy outlook both from within and outside.

Final Verdict

Antarctic krill oils should be on everyone’s list of dietary supplements. Given its superiority to fish oil and the plethora of benefits it has it is a wonder that it is has not been highlighted in the same way. However, it is fortunate for you having stumbled upon this special information. Now that you have a clear picture the next logical step would be to grab yourself some Antarctic krill oil and start enjoying the benefits.


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