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Mega Red Krill Oil for Healthy Hearts

As the heart beats, a person lives to breathe another time, watch their children play or carry about life’s activities but unfortunately the world is witness to increased heart problems that cut life short for many. This has led to lots of research into ways of boosting heart health. In the depths of the vast Antarctic Ocean live tiny, little known crustaceans that hold the secret to healthy hearts. The Antarctic Krill as they are known are rich in pure omega-3mega red krill oil fatty acids that are attributed to healthy hearts. Research shows that these fatty acids significantly reduce the chance of developing coronary heart disease by a wide margin among humans. The regions where krill live are so remote and nearly inaccessible making these essential fatty acids so elusive among many who need it. However, all is not bleak because of Mega Red Krill Oil, a product designed to give your heart all the benefits of Antarctic krill and so much more.

Krill used to prepare Mega Red softgels is harvested from sources that ensure environment friendly practices to safeguard both the krill and other marine life. As a measure of dedication to safety, quality and purity, the krill is only sourced from fisheries certified by the Marine Stewardship Council’s Standard for Sustainability. Omega-3s are extracted from the krill after harvesting to begin the process of creating a highly potent heart supplement. Mega Red Krill oil also contains docosahexaonic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid, phospholipids and astaxanthin, all of which contribute to healthy cardiovascular systems in unique ways.

How does Mega Red Krill Oil work?

The softgel works on all aspects of your heart health to seal any loopholes that might expose you to heart disease. The main ingredient-omega-3 fatty acids-increase the omega-3 index in your blood stream, which is directly associatedmega red krill oil with heart health. Higher omega-3 index indicates that you have a healthy heart and you can easily increase yours in 30 days using Mega Red. Because the tablet is in phosipholipid form which is the same substance that makes up our cell membranes, it is easily absorbed by the body. The pill is highly water soluble, a factor that prevents the fishy aftertaste common with fish oil supplements. Mega Red also helps lower triglycerides, fats whose presence in the blood signals heightened chances of heart disease. The astaxanthin present in Mega Red softgels is a powerful antioxidant that prevents inflammation and free radicals that harm the heart.


MegaRed is a popular name in the supplement industry having produced many effective products that nurture every heart ensuring long life. Care and concern for your heart makes the manufacturers very careful when preparing this supplement that can be used without fear of side effects. As with all other supplements, best results are evident only when people use them as directed. Those with other medical issues including pregnant and nursing women must consult with their doctors dispel any dangers.

The heart is a strong yet delicate organ that must be accorded great care to support your life. Rather than leave your life to the odds, take deliberate measures to fortify it using healthy, safe products like Mega Red of krill oil whose purity is not compromised. Some products are paraded in the market as potent heart supplements while in reality they are just capsules with fillers and additives that could harm instead of heal you. Take the first step and visit the official website for this product for an easy, safe way to stay healthy each passing day. You should swallow a softgel each day for thirty days to see results and fortunately, MegaRed is easy to swallow unlike other supplements which are too large for most people. Choose this option that meets all standards of safety and purity during its manufacture with a blend of naturally occurring substances that pose no danger to your heart or overall health. Some people miss out on positive effects of MegaRed by neglecting other factors that contribute to healthy hearts. Save yourself constant trips to the doctor’s office by combining the supplement with healthy diet and proper exercise for an admirable health boost. This way you will end up feeling more energetic, happy and looking forward the experience of every new day.

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Powerful Benefits Of Krill Oil

Benefits of Krill oil is rich, it provides number of health benefits and is high source of essential nutrients krill oil contains fatty acids that supports cardiac health and increase healthy circulations. Krill oil is more than 40 times potent comparing to fish oil which means we need to consume very little compared to fish oil.

Healthy balance between omega-3 and omega-6 is very important for our optimal health. Both omega-3 and 6 plays a supportive role in our whole body health, many of ours diet tend to provide more omega-6 than omega-3 this could lead to major imbalances in our body and it will become a big challenge for joint health. Highly digestible omega-3 like krill oil can help maintaining omega-3 and omega-6 balance this provides very powerful support in joint comfort.

krill oil benefits

Many studies in 2009 proved that lack of mega-3 might cause or contributes more than 90,000 premature deaths every year. 40,000 women die from breast cancer yearly in the U.S. and lack of mega-3 plays a role in these deaths. Good fats from omega-3 shown to be more effective than fish oil in some metabolic symptoms. Now it is proven that krill oil can reduce the risks of stage-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity.

Phospholipids of krill oil support healthy hormone production and it supports a well balanced menstrual cycle. In a clinical study, benefits of krill oil was found superior to fish oil in balancing the common symptoms associated with menstrual cycle like breast tenderness and stress.

Another study showed krill oil reduced the fat levels in the heart of rats by 42 percent and it reduced liver fat by 60 percent. The fat build up in our body can lead to many diseases such as insulin sensitivity, metabolic syndrome, level 2 diabetes. The benefits of krill oil can support the health of our brain, heart, bones and also the whole body health.

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Benefits Of Krill Oil

Krill oil is oil extracted from a tiny, shrimp like animal. Krill is the primary food for mantas, baleen whales and whale shark. The oil is usually prepared from a species of krill known as the Antarctic krill. The two main nutrients found in krill oil are omega-3 fatty acids which are similar to those in fish oils and phospholipids-derived fatty acids. It is also likely to contain a natural antioxidant by the name astaxanthin. Krill oil is mainly used for high levels of certain blood fats, heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, stroke, depression, osteoarthritis, painful menstrual periods and last but not least premenstrual syndrome. The fats in Krill oil are said to be beneficial fats that reduce swelling, make blood platelets less sticky and lower cholesterol levels. Blood platelets are less likely to form clots when they are less sticky.

Benefits of krill oil to our health are of numerous levels. The oil helps your heart by minimizing your triglycerides which are a type of fat in the blood. Increased levels of triglycerides are linked to high risks of heart diseases and are a sign of metabolic syndrome. The most effective way of maintaining your triglyceride levels is by eating a healthy diet consisting of omega-3 fats. Researchers have concluded that krill oil is remarkably efficient in decreasing a cardiovascular risk factor.

Krill oil works much more effectively than fish oil and on par with statins to improve lipid profiles. Omega-3 contains EPA and DHA which essentially help in preventing and fighting both mental and physical diseases. The omega-3 is mainly attached to the phospholipids which increase its absorption making the blood need it in fewer proportions. This won’t cause burping and belching like most fish oils. Krill oil is also highly sustainable since krill is the largest biomass in the whole world and harvesting krill is best regulated using very strict precautions to assure sustainability. Omega-3 fats improve our cell’s response to neurotransmitters, insulin and other messengers. They also help in repairing damaged cells and are known to support sustainable healthy hormonal production which supports a balance menstrual cycle. Use Krill oil for a healthy body and mind.